all lost in the super market

fisher high fi

bike shopping is a bitch!

not sure what I want
not sure how I want to do it

am thinking about getting a new bike
do I need a new bike?
but I could bump a few bikes out and bump a few bikes in
get rid of some stuff and win the lottery

trying to figure out how to afford this
while trying to figure out what is most affordable

the surly karate monkey has served me well
got me into the 29er world
now thinking of moving around within the world of the 29er
would like to get a fork for my single
but... rather than getting fork for the karate monkey
I am thinking of getting bike 29er single with front shock

was stoked on the jamis exile
looks like it is kitted out real nice
but... my hesitation
it comes stock with a rigid fork
I want suspension in the front
I have been rocking the rigid single
will continue to rock the rigid single
but... looking to try the single with suspension

a fork alone is a great deal of money....

the fisher rig has the rock shock reba and is under 1200
the jamis exile is a grand without shock
retail... well...
the bikes just do not match up
a smarter man would go part for part on that comparision
while I am going blind

I think a karate monkey single built up is more expensive than either
and that is without the gucci package

I am troubled
maybe I need to follow that sage advice and put my old records on eBay
that will be a big project
but it may be a project that could pay off
pay off in bicycles


Arleigh said...

if you want to come and visit we have hifi's for demo.

I love the design and feel of the bike - it's a great all arounder. I hope in the next year they'll have even more options for the fork - but until then what they have is what they have

IF Chicks said...

How about an on-one 29' inbred with Reba ? see:

gwadzilla said...


thanks for the link to the ON ONE
that reminds me that I am trying to get some MIDGE Bars for my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike
cracked the frame
jamis was cool enough to warranty their bike
just got the parts that I ordered
had a pair of Salsa Bell Lap bars that I had been meaning to put on
even before the frame cracked
hear they are comfy
but I dying to try some On One Midge bars

the On One SS looks sweet
the Jamis Exile has some sweet specs
the hayes disc brakes giving an immediate tilt of the scales

there is some WTB stuff that sounds nice
always had a great experience with wheels built with WTB rims


City Bikes carries Jamis
I have owned several Jamis bikes in the past
and well...
have been fully stoked about each and every one of them
and stoked on the company

frames break

warranty without issue is a great policy

(surly also warrantied my cracked monkey... and yea... bianchi warrantied a cracked frame and a frame that I claimed was defective by desigh.... okay.... mongoose hooked me up with so many frames I can not recall the numbers, and cannondale
well... I bought a replacement and they hooked me up with a replacement)

jamis makes a good bike
if I throw a REBA on there....
put the Jamis fork on my karate monkey single
I will have some fresh riding machines

gwadzilla said...


and egg beater pedals

Jamis put together a sweet deal...

I just think it should come stock with a shock


I can see that the thousand dollar price point is a goal to shoot for