back from national geo... banff film festival

went to national geographic tonight for some of the films from the banff film festival

took my five year old son

he had a number of questions
he may have been a tad loud with his bag of skittles
overall he had a good time
even if he was showing the signs of being up past his bedtime

on the drive home we found agreement in the film ROAM being our favorite film of the evening
that was our collective thought

these guys are amazing film makers sharing the images of some sick shit
some sick shit in some beautiful parts of the world
nothing short of inspirational
inspirational to the cyclist
inspirational to the film maker

not positive...
but there was a section where they were in morrocco
during that part of the film it sounded like they were playing a tune by thievery corp
which would not surprise me
as they used a song by some other locals from the same label, thunderball

(folks from thunderball are now releasing a project Fort Knox Five on their own label.... it is sweet, but I am biased)

blog from the collective

fort knox at myspace
thievery images

listening to these myspace pages as I blog
it is not right that johnh has no music on his blog

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