had heard an underground buzz about this days prior
but had not considered its consequences

DCist had a great article with some insightful interviews

in short...
there is an effort to pass legislation ending the "all ages show"

if these people only knew...

the fact is...
if an underage person gets shot at a nightclub
it is not the notion of age or the presence of alcohol that needs to be considered or controled
it is the guns and violence

the notion that young women fall prey to older men in night clubs...
well... the parenting must be done at home
once the kids leave the house you can only hope that you trained them right
this is not feeding the lamb to the lion
if your daughter is a whore... she will whore about with or without the approach of an older man at this club

in the previous set of posts I approached the topic of the DC Music scene
a scene that I existed on the fringe of in my adolescence
it was the all ages show that introduced me and my friends to life and culture
sure I drank...
but that drinking happened at the field parties at the golf courses or the friend's houses when their rents were out of town
not when we were at the clubs
when we were at the clubs we were there to dance or see the band
(usually after the cover charge I did not have cash for more than one beer)

lost my train of thought...

my personal history
how I perceive the world today
much of this has to do with my exposure to music and culture as a teen
dancing to djs
in the mosh pit at the punk show
trying to be cool at the mod show
these were all wonderful options
perhaps more sound options than the field party of the kegger at the house without parents

govinda gallery is having a show about some teens that were on stage for many of these all ages show

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Frank Brigandi said...

check out eastern conference champions, good listening....