not the place
but the band

never owned any of their stuff on vinyl
but I do recall the catch and cool songs in the clubs
sex and metro seem to come to mind

the singer was hot in a liquid sky sort of way

they were clearly new wave
it was dangerous to admit any attraction to anything so new wave

I recall going to the clubs around dupont as a high school student
charmichaels, cagneys, and whispers
whispers being a tad more friendly as a high school friend's older sister was the bartender
thus allowing a little less fear to our being turned away
then of course there was larry the doorman who was good enough to let us pass with our assortment of less than perfect ids
at this time the drinking age was 18 years of age
so being 15 or 16 seemed like splitting hairs

we were there to dance
not so much to drink
no one wants to dance on an empty dance floor
so I am sure that they did not mind letting a few kids slip through the cracks to fill the void

funny to think that we were all children trying to pass ourselves off as adults
with our thrift shop garb and our home made haircuts

the jarheads stepping in between me and my dates
nothing that my boyish body could do against the threat of these obnoxous men
my dates never caring for the attention from the jarheads but not knowing how to respond
never flattered by the attention of these overbearing types
usually more of a threat than a friendly approach

crazy misspent youth
hitchhiking to get downtown
as these were times before the metro train...
well... the train only went as far as Van Ness UDC
not as far as Bethesda
so thumbing it was usually the method of choice

the warmer months involved skateboarding and hanging in the parks
drinking forties in dupont
meeting up with friends at the exorcist stairs or under the bridge at the canal
although neither of those places were my home court... I did go down there from time to time
then of course the shows
the afternoon shows at the community centers

my brother ran into one of my old friends from that era the other day
that song and the mention of that name brought back so many memories from that era


Alex said...

I forgot about the jarheads. They used to show up at the 930 Club to slam dance once in a while. They were obnoxious there, too, because they really were out to hurt people, which was not the vibe amongst most of the other slam dancers. I don't see them out anymore, I wonder what changed?

gwadzilla said...

I am sure that the jarheads are still there
and well
I am certain that they are still doing their jarhead thing
it may be an more an issue of us not going to clubs where the under 25 crew hangs

even if you go to a messenger bar like Asylum you will see them
out looking for a fight
not fitting in
not trying to fit in
rubbing people the wrong way

and well
when was the last time you went to Georgetown
I bet they are still bumbling about Georgetown of Friday and Saturday night

just as with any group
it only takes a few bad representatives to taint the image of the whole


Alex said...

I wonder though if the prospect of violent death that faces these kids, for that's what they are, today, has humbled them a bit. The ones we used to see back in the day had no experience with such danger.

I have to say that I and my somewhat older generation of friends was too punk rock to go to places like Cagney's. In retrospect I regret such narrow-mindedness; we did not mis-spend our youth to the extent we should have.