brew frame building class

the other day on my way home from work I was taking the straight route home
did not have time to ride
but had a few minutes to chat as I passed through dupont

ran into tar and chris
tar had just returned from a frame building class
tar was pumped

it was amazing all I learned in our five minutes of conversation
tar was like tony robbins selling me on my need to attend a frame building class at brews

brews frame building class

no pictures
had my camera
but I do not take pictures every time I see someone

I lack the vacation time
I lack the money
but it most definitely sound like a deal

I look forward to seeing tar's new bike built up
apparently there was a guy building a 29er there while tar was there
which gave tar all sorts of insight in the frame technology of the 29er

very cool stuff!

1 comment:

Frank Brigandi said...

awesome class, good to see someone giving back and offering an insight by sharing their techniques. Even if you never build frames, it helps knowing what you are looking at.....