darn... forgot... we missed the superbowl

we did not actually forget about the superbowl
I had considered watching the game with the boys

got the boys a little psyched as I talked up the last game of the football season being topped off with a contest to decide who is the best team in the world
figured we could watch a few minutes of the game after dinner
thought we could time it to catch some of the half time commercials

the kids got more excited about playing a little Mario 64
so we sat down and played some Mario 64 instead

which is fine...

because I was able to catch some of the Superbowl Commercials on MYSPACE
checked a headline... saw the Colts won...
at least we will not get to here another Bear's Superbowl Shuffle
that was pathetic... sorry Jim and Fridge
I did not see that Superbowl either... but had to endure that video

in my mind it is just fine for my kids to be dim on some pop culture issues
it is not a concious effort
it is just the way things happen

we do all sorts of fun things
yet, we have not gone to Chuck-E-Cheese as of yet
my older son has asked
I told him that we would go as soon as someone invited us to a birthday party there
as it is not really someplace where you go to eat for no particular reason

if this sort of thing bubbles over and keeps the ideas of American Idol and Survior out of their vocabulary...
well great
cause I do not get that stuff
have never seen either show
but am familiar with the premise
it does not appeal to me

guess I will hear tomorrow in the office if Prince flashed his nipple

(zeke does not get that stuff either... no zeke is not one of my sons)

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