do I risk talking about buying a bike on my blog...

seriously thinking about getting the jamis exile
this bike looks sweet
will be wanting to throw a REBA on there

with the team discount at city bikes I can almost afford this thing
been talking with citybikesmike about this
always getting good bicycle information from mike
check out mike's information on Patapsco terrain plans

I need to get Mike behind on some action for Fort Dupont of Cabin John
those trails could definitely use an IMBA touch
especially Fort Dupont

I would love to see some man made touches
at Cabin John there could be some spots where boardwalks could come into play
along with maybe some work on planting some indigenous vegetation
I would much rather ride a boardwalk slow then drag my bike through some mud
in my mind's eye I can see spots where boardwalks lined with ferns


Brian said...

Hey - MORE and IMBA received a nice grant from DCDOT to do a trails assement in FtD for NPS approval. Rich Edwards and Dan Hudson are working on it. (Did I forget anyone?) Long term, perhaps some trails will be built or at least improved.

I'm sure you're always welcome to drag tires out of the valleys...

gwadzilla said...


the DCMTB/City Bikes folks need to get back out to Fort Dupont

it was amazing how many tires we pulled out of that valley

I wonder how the dumping of tires started

was that the trash of one person?
a garage that was too cheap to pay to have that hauled away?
just random people leaving their unwanted rubber in the same place?

very odd

the team is good