this book may not be new
but it is new to me

my sister lives in nyc
so not only is she cool
but she is new york cool
she always has the inside scoop on something cool
guess that they are talking about different things in the toddler parks in nyc than dc
as I had never heard of doodles before

we brought this with us to west virginia
not a bad little book for a weekend in a cabin
it looks like a book that can be revisited many times as the children get older
at this stage we are involved
reading the captions and guiding the behavior
even getting involved in the action
but I could see buying this book again is two years
then again two years after that
as the children will experience it differently at their more advance levels of understanding
including the ability to read and write
at this point there is not much reading and not much writing

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the lesters said...

Sounds like the new anti-coloring book. Did you ever use those when you were little? I thought they were so much fun, but it seems like they are out of print, so I'll have to check this one out!