gallery exhibit by suzie j horgan

three stars to tonight's event...
suzie j horgan
ian mackaye
henry rollins

it was a great gathering
all sorts of skeletons coming out of the closet for this thing

all sorts of people from the early days of dc punk
then some tourists like myself
I wandered about aimlessly
had it not been for my camera I would have been twidling my thumbs
too bad I did not use my thumbs to toy with the indoor settings sans flash

there are really no good shots
as I do not know how to frame people without a bicycle


gwadzilla said...

a number of dads at that event

it was great to see all those people together

not sure how often that gaggle groups up

Henry Rollins was there

most of Minor Threat
Ian, Brian, Jeff... no Lyle and no late add on to Minor Threat Hap Hanskin

John Stabb was there looking like he found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH
somehow father time has not found his door

Danny Ingraham was there with his family... looking like the roll of father is suiting him well
very much a DAD IN DC

Eddie Janney and Natalie were there with their beautiful children

and Alec Mackaye and his wife were there with their new born daugther

the bands were represented
the dad in dc population was represented

there were all sorts of folks

a number of us felt left out

not so much left out of last night's fun
but felt left out from not being part of the original 50

oh well...

the list goes on
but I refuse to list any and everyone that showed up
although it was good to see them

I will add Andy Rappaport
but I will not mention the Mods Neil and Bill who were also in attendance

gwadzilla said...

buy this book...


amazing images
from an amazing time

gwadzilla said...

a few more dad's in DC

Guy was there without wife and without his child
Brendan was not there with his wife or his three kids....

the list is growing