a good day...

today has been a good day
a long day
but a good day
a day that is not yet over

woke up this morning knowing that I had some free time
as I was scheduled for a late start to my workday
late... as in real late
so late that I greeted people with good morning when it was well into the afternoon

with this free time I woke up slow
everyone woke up slow
the wife took the boys to school as I sipped coffee and woke up slow
took the dog for a short one in the woods to free up his system
then went hiking with the wife and the dog for roughly an hour and a half
not a bad start to the day

then things continued on that roll

still with some free time on my hands I got suited up for a ride
got out on the cross bike with the intention of logging some road miles
well... not road... bike path... well, maybe some road
well... miles not as important as duration
had roughly two hours to get out on the bike
so I got out on the bike

the weather was warm... well winter warm
I was clearly over dressed
not layered so no option but to pedal and sweat
was feeling my winter condition
was feeling sluggish
no pep
no kick
but I was out for duration
so the distance covered was not an issue

went out and arrived at work a few minutes later than I had wished
was on the bike for a little over two hours
sounds great... but roughly 15-20 minutes were spent socializing with the camera
good to get on the bike
good to get the wake up call the spring is approaching and I am far from ready to race

excited to play with some pictures
as well as being excited to try and shed some of this winter polar bear weight
and regain my modest speed that was lost somewhere in the transition between summer and fall

enough on this post
on with the images
this ride was nothing but the wake up call to my lack of fitness
some serious bonk training
the walk then the ride
all on a some coffee and a slice of left over pizza

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