grantman rocking the training wheels hard

brought grant's old helmet
not sure which fits worse
grant's helmet or dean's bike

they each could use some resizing

the no helmet no bike rule is a strong one in my house
yes... dean did take a lap without his helmet
no... I did not freak out
but I did draw his attention to it and then reminded him
no helmet no bike

it is a simple rule
but how strict is the rule
and when does the helmet rule stop
skateboarding has the same rule
even though they are not yet doing anything
when a kid is learning to drive the car the first thing they do is put on the seatbelf

tonight we went sledding
we... actually I worked on my article for SPOKES and lisa took the boys sledding
I went out for a few runs
it was getting dark
I went out there with a Petzel

dean was going for it on a sheet of ice
no cush of powder on this root hill that dead ends into a fallen tree
knowing the destination I had him wear a helmet
he was still wearing the helmet when I got out there
it is a skateboard helmet that fits me
he was wearing a winter cap underneith it
guess the boys need snowboard specific helmets for such activities

if I am going to impose the helmet rule
it is best not only to make it as cool as possible
but also to have it as safe as possible
a bicycle helmet is not built for a skateboard crash
and so on

guess I need to find my old Boeri snowboard helmet
wonder if a family of squirrels are living in it

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