I love documentary film

I love documentary film
documentary film is where it is at
can not believe that I never saw dazed and confused

was familiar with it
had heard the hype
bit never saw it till tonight
an amazing documentary of an amazing time

brings back so may memories
in '76 I was just under a decade old
but I saw the world moving around me
and well
it was just like this


Alex said...

I agree... they captured the mood of a place in time perfectly.

Liz Schleeper said...

Oh, I can relate. I just saw "Tommy" the other night for first time in 25 yrs.

gwadzilla said...

ah tommy
a classic
a better album than a movie
much like a book
better to imagine the characters in the story being told
than allowing for a director to handle it

I own TOMMY on vinyl in several incarnations
Tommy: The Original Soundtrack
Tommy: The Who version
Tommy: The London Symphony Orchestra (with all sorts of people singing the parts)

Quadrophenia has stood the test of time

in my youth I loved The Who
my first arena concert in ninth grade
on their Athena Tour
a bit past their prime
Who Are You may have been their last strong album
although there were some good tracks here and there
I think my interests were just going elsewhere

Steve said...

A friend and I were just talking about how Quadrophenia was just one of those movies that really defined stuff in high school for us. Others: Clockwork Orange, Road Warrior, Rude Boy, etc. BTW, the Who were great at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore last summer.

Steve said...

A friend and me were just talking about Quadrophenia (record and movie) and how great they are. Especially how much of a reference point they were.

gwadzilla said...

I heard that the who rocked the stage
that pete townsend was tearing up the stage

there was a whole lot more blue jean in the 70's then in Dazed and Confused