let me come clean... I like Depeche Mode

let me come clean...
I like Depeche Mode

it was funny...
in high school my brother had a few mix tapes that he got from our friend jason
these tapes were chock full of stuff that would have been labeled new wave...
some of it more electronic
some bordering on goth
other stuff leaning more to pop

it was these tapes that exposed me to Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, The Smiths, and so many other bands
at this time I was listening to hardcore and punk
but I also like to ride the wave... new wave that is

depeche mode was one of those bands that I liked to make fun of
like the cure
because these kids would latch onto these bands
dye their hair black and act all depressed
cover their Chevy Chevette with their goth stickers

in the same way I there was a distain for the grateful dead because of dead heads
and dislike of rush or black sabbath because of metal heads
the seemingly corny goth uniform turned me off from the music
until I gave it a fair listen

sure it was corny for Peter Murphy to be singing about vampires
but... if I could accept Robert Plant's singing about hobbits
I could let the lyrics slide and enjoy it all just the same

time to walk the dog
just wanted to come clean


okay... I said it

depeche mode at myspace


ETJB said...

tee hee. you likes madonna too.

riderx said...

Ha Ha - great post. Hobbits vs. Vampires. Ride the wave!

Fritz said...

I was kind of the same way -- made fun of the music because of the kids who liked it, but then I listened to some of it and decided it wasn't half bad.

I started reading your "New Wave" post, though, and now I have Tears for Fears "Mad World" stuck in my head.