man overboard brunch....

went to the man overboard brunch with my two boys...
not sure what I was expecting
pretty much what I expected

got to see all sorts of people
max was some sort of bearded punk rock hugh heffner acting as host to his home
there was all sorts of food and all sorts of drink
the keg was flowing and people were psyched about the day
there was a raffle for three items...
a krypto-chain, a bedlham bag, and a custom built wheel by max
all awesome prizes
along with the boys I bought four tickets
although I expect to win it is unlikely I will make it to the Pharmacy bar

touched base with kevin and his broken wing
the swelling is still too great for a cast
no details of "the spill" or the pain
but I think that he has already sold ad space instead of getting his cast signed

not sure who was racing or what the checkpoints were going to be
for a bit there I had intended to go to one of the checkpoints with the boys
had the camera and had their bikes
but... the kids were just too wild in the house to try and contain them
they were wrestling with each other and knocking over drinks
which may have been cool if we were at chuck-e-cheese
but we were at an adult party
so i took the boys to the Rhode Island Avenue skate park

the boys rode around more than on the ramps
but they ran on the ramps
and walked the rails like balance beams

they wanted more of the race
but that is not how things played out

without a nap it was easy enough to get grant to go to sleep at bedtime
a few books and he let me leave without arguement
bet he was asleep before I got down the stairs

flyer from the alleycat

banff film festival

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