more pictures of nothing

once again... pictures of nothing

it is a simple scene
a man at work
a man at work with his bicycle
heading into one of the many non-descript federal buildings in washington dc

this is an everyday scene
a guy lean locking his bike as he goes to make a drop, get a filing stamped, or work the round trip of an inter library loan
it is a photograph of nothing

yet is is a picture of something
it is a moment in time
a place in history
harper squints into the sun facing toward the east wing of the national gallery
on the sidwalk before constitution avenue there is a media circus
cameras and correspondents from all the major networks and maybe some not so major networks are camped out front to report what is happening in the us district court

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gwadzilla said...

in talking with harper it seems like he has seen a wide variety of interesting everyday sites

various surf trips

harper was also in the feb issue of washingtonian

a cool photo spread

grab it off the magazine rack before it hits the recycling bin