out with my parent's dog today...

understanding people's actions confuses me
I try so hard to try and understand people's motivation

today after picking up my boys from a sleep over at my mother's I went over to my father's house
my father is out of the country but my stepmother wanted to wish grant a happy birthday
so we made plans for a short visit to see my step mother before we drove back downtown

when we got there the boys were excited to see grandma joyce and their energetic dog max
the perpetually puppy black lab max was very excited to see us
max is my buddy
I think that max likes me best
even if I am the one who always throws him in the pool
I am also the one that takes him on adventures with my dogs to the canal
excuse me... my now one dog

so... once settled in
grant had opened his gifts I tried to find something to eat
it was then decided that I should head down to bf&b to get some sandwiches
so I opted for the short walk with the dog rather than driving the short distance

walked down the street that has changed so much since I was a child there
few of the houses remained the same
the snow reminded me of john emelki's mom slowing and stopping traffic for sledders on snow days
the now renevated apartments reminded me of many games of tag and then also the motorcycle I bought from a tenant of those apartments, that did not even roll that later took me cross country
and a million memories of paper routes

all the while max pulling me with great strength

I tugged at the leash and tried to issue commands
finally max relaxed and I got to relax
we passed the chevron that used to be an exxon and cross the street to big wheel bikes
yes... I am one of those geeks that goes to bike shops and never buys anything

at big wheel I saw long time employee russian immigrant vj
and a kid with dread locks working by his side
max was pretty mellow for max and behaved himself quite well
I looked at the bikes while vj and I caught up
all with consideration of time and a house filled with hungry kids

cross back over towards bradly food and beverage with the dog
only to find no place to tie the dog up directly in front of the store
so I went and tied max up to a metal picnic bench on the sidewalk by bradley drugs
in between the mini strip mall and the gas station which was once an exxon

max had mellowed a bit by this time
looped the leash through the leg of the table
check to see that he table was fastened to earth
then clipped the leash to his chest harness

then went into the deli and ordered four sandwiches
there was no line and I order well under pressure so I ordered right off
there was a bit of confusion of cutting round sandwiches into three slices
but no great delays
got four sandwiches, a bag of fritos, and a massive bottle of orangina
paid on the credit card as it cost more cash than I had expected
then left for home

walked two store fronts down the sidewalk only to round the corner find half the red leash still attached to the picnic table
half of the leash
no dog
there was a strosnider's hardware store employee enjoying a cigarette on break
I asked what had happened
had he seen anything
had someone taken the dog
had the police or animal control taken the dog
was the dog stolen or did the dog run away

I was in an immediate panic

not sure if this young man was asian or latino
never even glanced at his name tag
his english was good enough to get a basic idea and a basic direction
he pointed across the intersection
I thought maybe the capitol crescent trail

without hesitation I panned the area for a person with a big black dog
a person with my big black dog
a person with my parent'g big black dog

with the lights not in my favor I crossed the street
determined to catch who had taken the dog
thoughts of pit bull training teens came to mind
I hoped for the dog to be with a person on the trail where I could see at least 100 yards down the path
not too much time had passed
so the dog could not be that far away on foot

stalled on the island I heard some shouting in the distance from where I just came
I could see a woman waving and shouting
I crossed back
she said she had my dog
it was not clear
but I saw a man up the block with max
so I went up towards him and retrieved my family's retreiver

there was something about the dog running around, the dog chewing through its leash, needing a new leash
something to that effect
I was just happy to have the dog back I had no real question
although I was already skeptical about the dog chewing through the leash
but admitted that it is a strong dog
took the dog back with great glee and thanks

only to walk home leaned over the dog holding the harness rather than half the leash

playing through my head the facts before me
doubting some of the facts
questioning the truth

got back to my father's house
served everyone the sandwiches and shared the story with my step mother

it was all very curious
the lawyer in her saw it as a crime of opportunity
I snipped part of the remaining half leash and pulled to see if it would stretch or tear
it was as I had pictured from the second I found the cut leash
a good clean cut
cut with a sharp buck knife or a utility blade
all very suspicious

not an old leash
not a fabric that splits and tears
the chewing of a dog would not leave a clean horizontal line like was present here

then these people
what had happened
why did the young man taking the break direct me across the street when my dog was the opposite direction up the block
who was to blame?
what was their motivation?

had someone thought the dog was abandoned?
in under ten or fifteen minutes?
was it too cold for the dog to be outside?
certainly not for a hunting breed that waits in the icy waters while hunting with its master
then what
then why
I will stop asking questions that I will never know the answer to


gwadzilla said...

getting the dog back is what is most important

I already knew that people sucked before this happened

nothing learned from this experience

megA said...

so glad the happy poochie is safe at home.

did he get a sandwhich too?


gwadzilla said...

definitely glad that i got the dog back
it was a bad feeling walking around teh corner and finding nothing but half of a red leash

The Old Bag said...


glad everything came out well.

gwadzilla said...

very odd
very very odd

my thoughts is it was either a "do gooder" rescueing the dog


a non-dog person not wanting the energitic dog hanging by them during their break

no reason to over think this
as the answers may always remain unknown

Surly Rider said...

Very lucky. I am glad he is ok and with you guys. This will make me never leave stella outside of a store. It is not easy, but I could not imagine losing her that way. She got off her leash one day and ran. She ended up on my front steps, but those few minutes of chasing her but a few years on me.