predict... modify... adapt

the movement of a bicycle through urban traffic is far from a ballistic motion

the trajectory is always up for revision

there is a need to always predict what is ahead
anticipate changes
modify your path
and be ready to adapt to anything and everything around you
at times it can be as like rolling through singletrack
singletrack from the land of HR Puffinstuff!
as the trees in this singletrack land are out to get you!

this morning on my very short and direct commute I battled the ice and the backed up traffic
worked my way virtually effortlessly through mount pleasant than adams morgan

on 18th street the right hand lane was coated in convoluted ice, slush, and snow
no place for man or beast
one of which applies to me
so I took the full lane
with traffic backed up several times ahead I wondered if the driver just off my back wheel could see the blockage up ahead

the car passed wide and clear
on the pass I noticed it was one of my neighbors down the block
not sure if they noticed it was me
but figured that they must have
they rushed ahead to get to the next bumper

as I passed them on the double yellow center line I rolled towards the intersection
just as I started to raise my hand and wave I thought... wouldn't suck for me to get slammed by a car while running this light in this intersection
all while waving to my neighbors
sure enough... flash
as if out of no where an excessively large pick up truck came speeding through the intersection
yes, their light was green
but their speed was clearly excessive

my hand was already back on the grips
spidey senses had served me well
my trajectory was modified
my speed and direction slightly changed
I took myself out of the path of intersection
rolling behind this truck instead of under it
then making my wave to say hello

at the next block I hit the intersection sections after the light turned green
just as with the intersection before I am more concerned with the path being clear than the color of the light
sure enough
with my light green then the three cars passing in front of me must have had a red
this causes a complete stop and a stall
one close call a day is really too many

close calls are part of everyday
close calls are part of being on the bike
close calls happen whether running a light or obeying the law
it is just part of being on the bike

I want the snow to melt and the trails to be clear
give me more snow for more urban alpine adventures

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Anonymous said...

you speakith the truth.....listen 2 him people....