ride like a girl

got home from the film at national geographic tonight
as I had a skittles induced conversation with my five year old son I noticed that dirt rag had arrived in the mail

I like dirt rag

I talked with dean about mario cart
a game we do not have
then got him to get dressed for bed
we brushed our teeth
our skittles covered teeth
then after one pirate story dean was ready for bed

with dean ready for bed I was read for some dirt rag
some dirt rag and some microwave burritos

I usually page through the dirt rag magazine a few times before I sit down and read it
so I paged through
read some snippets and looked at some photographs
in my scanning I noticed an article by joe whitehair
well... I noticed the article but not the author until I was done
the article was about Ride Like a Girl
which is interesting as I am working on a Ride Like a Girl article for SPOKES magazine
started thinking about the article
but not sure if I can really start it
as my article was going to center around a few women's mountain bike clinics
but... with news of Hillary Elgert breaking her clavicle
it does not sound like these events are going to happen

need to talk with liz
there are two woman on DCMTB that may be willing to help out of the clinic dates work with their schedules

will have to find the answer to some questions before deadline

that photo of hillary is from a crash last season
crashing is part of cycling
if you are not crashing
you are not testing your limits

I need to get more comfortable with crashing
as not all crashes end in disaster
that is a difficult thing to relax for


Lee said...

Did you see the picture on page 85 from Schaeffer Farm? I don't know the photog or who the rider is, but local is cool.

gwadzilla said...


will check out page 85 of Dirt Rag when I get home