saturday morning... engines are slow to start up

here it is saturday morning
I woke disoriented not realizing it was saturday morning
thinking that it was a workday for the adults and a schoolday for the kids
at my first utterance my wife corrected me
I made an immediate adjustment and climbed back into bed
it was too late the day was already starting
so I did my usual morning routine of listening to the house stir around me
as I tried to steal a few more minutes of sleep

first five year old dean climbed into bed
but he was too chatty to sleep
then brutus the dog climbed in... but he too was too awake to fall back asleep
but I enjoyed their morning greetings just the same
lisa prepped for yoga
I got up and put in a movie for the boys, monster house
I walked the dog for just enough time to poop and pee
then returned home to free lisa up for a saturday morning yoga session

normally we do a back to back husband and wife yoga class on saturday mornings
lisa going to the advanced ashtanga class
then I show up as she walks out of class
passing off the car with the kids
getting her keys and rushing into the beginner's ashtanga class
but... this morning has a scheduling conflict
dean has a friend coming over
no yoga for daddy

which is fine...
as this frees me up for the Bernie lead class in Adams Morgan on Sunday
will I be able to handle the kid's playdate and the Alleycat Race?
wanted to bring the boys to the Brunch/Race with their bikes

all this talk about what might happen
when the day is coming at me like an avalanche

my head hurts from too much red wine
the coffee is starting to level things off
but still feels like my head is in a vise

at least I had the wisdom to shut off the television and go to bed last night
put in the original PLANET OF THE APES
was loving the slow pace of a classic epic
but realized that I needed to sleep more than I needed to see this film for the 75th time

ah... Nova
Zira is not bad... if you go for the intellectual type
Nova is darn near perfect


gwadzilla said...

mrs maryland my maryland


I once owned a nova
a 66 nova
it was a sleeper four door

looked nothing like that

it was a hoot to drive

but it was no mrs maryland

IF Chicks said...

24 hr charlton heston film fest
(similiar to 100 miler ultra series)

-Planet of Apes
-Omega Man
-Solvent Green
-Ten Commandments

must watch all 6 in a row in 24 hr period. I do not believe it can be done.