scotty rolling home after a cold snow covered day

ran into scotty
always good to catch up with scott

he has never seen any of the pictures that I have taken of him
but he does not mind the snapping of the shutter
although he does thing that I am a tad daft

was glad to see that he made it to the bike swap the sunday a few weeks ago
I missed it... had to work
noticed his front fork is still without a brake
one of the brake bosses broke off in a mishap

which all reminds me that I told him I would scan for a fork
I most certainly have some old standard one inch head tube threaded fork for a 26 inch bike that I will never need, use, or want
just a matter of digging it up

good to see him out on that bike
will have to email lenny to have him see that the bike he gave me landed in good hands

which also reminds me
scored two bikes in a dumpster dive today
my kids think it makes sense to stop for good stuff in other people's trash
after all
dad breaks for cool trash

got an old CB1
not to be confused with the pictured bellow PB1
the CB1 was a less bridgestone of a very cool bridgestone era

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