a short post work ride...

the days are getting longer
yet, the darkness still comes on early
for some reason I have been traveling without lights recently
well... I am traveling on the bike with an assortment of blinking lights
but not with the normal nite rider headlamp to light the world in front of me
partially due to my commuter light being broken
partly due to my staying urban and not feeling that these lights make me any more safe

last night I was inspired to touch some hardpacked and get some dirt time
the night prior I had spoken to the host of the Banff Film Festival World Tour at National Geographic and he made mention of his plans to ride with Jason Berry the next day
so... I figured I should try to get some riding in as well

when the whistle blew I jumped into the phone booth
out of my civilian gear and into my superhero gear
got on the karate monkey single and zipped with a fast spin around town
went around town and snagged some stretches of hard packed snow away from the crowded streets
the temp was low
but I was fully prepared for the wind and the cold
the ride was just around an hour so there was never any real complaints of numbness or cold
got home and grabbed the dog without changing
quickly took the dog for a quick 25 minutes in the woods of rock creek
by this time the Petzel headlamp was a good idea

back from my hike I slammed a coke, kissed the kids, said hello and goodbye to the babysitter
then the wife and I went for an evening of mountain culture at National Geographic
the Banff Film Festival has been on our yearly agenda for almost a decade now
not sure if we attended the first year
but... there was a time when we were frequent visitors to the various lectures and films
now with kids...
out time is spent at home
rather than about town
which made a night like last night special

we ran into a number of friends
and enjoyed the wide assortment of films
as per usual the film not only entertained
but the films inspired
I watch these films and say.... I can't do that...
but I can do something
and I most definitely should consider making a movie
even if it is just a movie of my kids riding their bikes
or doing parkour

a good night on the bike
not as long as I would have liked
it is winter
just as the days are short
so are the workouts

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