sid flying down penn avenue

sid flying down pennsylvania

some everday stuff here in washington dc

in colorado the rockies are in the background
in washington dc there are various federal buildings

in boulder there are the flat irons
in washington dc there is the capitol building


Surly Rider said...

I guess I am into history and such more than the average joe, but I never got used to the the whitehouse, or the fact that I got off at the Arlington Cemetary Metro stop. After all of these years in Philly, I also am not used to riding my bike past the liberty bell, or christ church or something like that. Could you imagine commuting everyday in Rome or Athens? . I still sort of think of that as amazing.

gwadzilla said...


my feeling entirely

last night as I rolled down the hill towards my house across the valley which is Rock Creek Park I could see the site of the sun setting behind the national cathedral

such things are every day

some times I take these things for granted
other times I soak them in


gwadzilla said...

history is cool

I used to get all angry at the over development of The Mall

now I just accept that the people that make the decisions are idiots