some approaches can be awkward

some approaches can be awkward
actually... most approaches with the camera are somewhat awkward

lola explained to me that I can say hello before I start snapping pictures
while most of the time I have so slow, approach, ask, and start snapping
all before the person walks away
as most of these people are working commission
which means time is money
and well
why slow to talk to the freak on the sidewalk with the camera
there is a little sales pitch intro that I try to taylor to the situation

in this case I know the faces from around town
but the approach is still awkward
as there is a conversation going on
and well
my approach breaks up their conversation
which is not my intention
I want to snap some pictures and well... maybe exchange a hello

these are some good shots
as well
this is an encounter that captures some of the passing interaction of the day
these are not people sitting in the cubes along side of each other
there is some sort of work/co-worker culture happening there
two way and text messaging also comes into play

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