vida rob pearce and pizza

tonight after work there was no time for a ride
just a straight shot home
left with the camera around my neck trying to catch a few photos with the warm weather at a moment where the day was really starting to lose its light
no... no time for a ride after work as we had some plans

the plan was to grab pizza and head over to a friend's house
to serve friends food who may be too tired to cook or even pick up the phone to order food
as they are two weeks home from the hospital with a newborn baby boy

a beautiful baby
a beautiful baby that will soon be a human tornado
just as my two sons were morphing into
in a house that is only quasi child proof
as it looks child proof
but there is yet to be child in the house for anything longer than a visit

the boys were well occupied
we all sat for vace pizza
three pies to choose from
and san peligrino to wash it down

then with the food gone there were curious minds with curious hands that needed to occupied
like a grifter with a no fail trick I reached in my pocket and pulled out six little ink stamps
a rabbit in my hat
an ace up my sleeve
and sure enough
a moment of pleasure
then of course fighting and argueing over the selection process
and which stamps were the set of final three
my medicine show proved to be a hoax
the stamps lost grant and almost had dean
rob took grant's stamps
I found the empire strikes back on the tube
while rob and dean fought over the six stamps
on whose was whose and such
then dean joined grant
which freed rob to show me a little photo project

rob is a musician
rob is involved in a project called fort knox five
as well as being the guitar/sitar in thievery corp
that is rob on sitar on that track lebanese blonde
yea... from the garden state soundtrack
rob is also an artist, a photographer, a designer, and a friend
oh... he is no klutz either
rob brought out a project he has been putting together from a recent tour
his balance an creations take things to a higher level
very tasteful
very cool
I will have to get a copy of this book when it is finished
as I think it may help put some freshness to my photo thing

which reminds me
I had a fun day with the camera
covered a great deal of ground
took a whole mess of pictures

the boys are asleep

the highlight of the night was not the pizza
but the button making machine
rob is also crafty
as well is his wife vida
rob has a real deal button machine
the boys were hooked
the button making process is addictive
dean and I were bitten by the bug

we scored a handful of fort knox five buttons
as well as the custom buttons that dean and grant created
okay.... dad created a few for himself

good to see the new baby
good to see some friends

fort knox five
theivery corp
fort knox five tunes at myspace

I dig the music from this small circle of the musical world
the folks involved in the dc electronic thing put together some fantastic beats
but what I like most
these people make records I can listen to
first to last song then over again
not just one song
the whole album

thievery is clearly more than one song on a soundtrack

thievery corp
fort knox five
frederico (like I am on a first name basis with this man whom I have never met)
all these people are putting together fantasic music
fantastic music filled with passion and soul

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