gwadzilla has once again shut down
gwadzilla has now become WHITETRASHBIKER.com

whitetrashbiker.com will teach you how to fix most anything bike or not bike with a common roll or duct tape
in this case I used some custom expert only multi-colored duct tape options
but for the absolute beginner I recommend the use of the standard grayish silver tape

this was a pretty standard repair
my snowboard pants got caught on my chain ring on my ride into work
warranty through burton?
why bother!?!
with a roll of duct tape I can fix anything

you name it and I have fixed it with duct tape
tear in the sidewall of a tire?
no problem... duct tape
tear in your saddle?
no problem... duct tape
loose headlamp
no problem... duct tape
too much ventilation on your helmet in the winter?
no problem... duct tape
broken frame?
no problem... duct tape

you too can fix it yourself
broken chains? worn handlebar tape? flat tire?

anything can be fixed with duct tape

and great for craft projects
you should see the matching purse and wallet I made my wife for valentines day

I will leave the repair tips to Tim and the crew over at BLUE COLLAR MOUNTAIN BIKING

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

the tape is not holding well

a good quick fix
but getting annoying