and I cry...

cyclist dies on River Road
news on NBC4

I do not know he full story
we will never know the full story

it has been a while since I have rocked a long road ride
when I was not so lazy
when I was not so busy with the kids
River Road would have been on my trajectory

I was just thinking last week
it must be a ten year anniversary of the death of Judy Flannery
a death that occurred on River Road

gwadzilla archive... man! I used to type a mess of words


Steeker said...

They never charge the drivers up here properly EVER for killing some one! even drunk drivers get a little slap on the wrist :-| check out the link to see how bad it is http://www.thestar.com/News/article/197378

gwadzilla said...

the law is in favor of the car

there is no trial by a cyclist's peers
there is no justice for the cyclist

the cyclist is in the wrong by not being in a car

gewilli said...

"when he did not stop at a stop sign at the intersection and was struck by a car."

The cyclist is in the wrong by not obeying the posted laws.

Had he stopped he probably would still be alive.

Not every dead cyclist is the fault of the driver of the vehicle.

Maybe a younger driver with better reflexes might have given the kid a chance... but

if he did indeed run the stop sign...

he brought the death upon himself...

tragic yes, dead cyclist yes, tragedy? no...

cyclists need to obey the laws just as cars do if WE (as cyclists) are going to make progress in gainin respect and equal footing on the roads...

andrea said...

No witnessess (as the call for witnesses suggests) bu they _know_ that he did not stop?

Driver cover up? 82 year old driver?

Not convinced.