another contribution from His Majesty Squint

another contribution from His Majesty Squint

when living in Washington DC Squint worked as a messenger
as did many people from the dc punk thing
it was a good way to work with low commitment and an excess of freedom
and alsol.. there was occassionally more money in messenger work than any other job where you could show up and start that day

by His Majesty Squint

Be proud you aren't getting your bike serviced here. True story, I tried to get cannondale plus some other "MADE IN AMERICA" bicycle companies to donate the Special Forces mountain bikes for use for the Global War in Terror. Despite these companies who stamp American flag stickers on their bike frames they don't mean a rat's ass. Now the Secret Service who pedal in circles around the White House on those Trek V frames with the down hill set up got free bikes ... nobody clued these law enforcement cyclists in that they were riding down hill competion bikes on hard ball very flat roads ... they couldn't catch a homeless man with a pack mutts pushing a three wheeled shopping cart. Getting back to the S.F. bike shit ... it seems General Wesley Clarke supported a hybrid bike that was for infantry use but it fell through the cracks ... Where roads give out because they can't support the weight of a humvee (this happened to my friend on a mission - he got his skull crushed) bikes would work just fine, they are silent, leave tracks that nobody would suspect, you can fashion parts on the bike to make it a smart bike ... its too bad we have to rely on burros that were donated by the CIA ( the CIA gave the Muhajideen about one million Mexican burros during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan in the eighties) Be glad you have a nice bike that is probably worth the enitre picture you see. There its bombs not bikes.

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