approaching famous people...

why is it that so often the fans feel that they have a right to approach famous people?

what is it that I would have to say to Robert De Nero?
ah... mr de nero... I saw all sorts of films you have made
even the good ones
not just that meet the fockers crap

it happens all the time

one time I saw actor tim roth in an adams morgan bar
he was there being approached by all sorts of jokers and putzes
so I figured I would save him from the torture
enlighten him with some clever exchange

so... I strutted across the bar and looked tim roth in the eye and said...
ah... dah... you are tim roth...
then walked away and left him to his drink and his conversation with the bartender
a conversation that may or may not have been interesting or entertaining
but a converstation that he had a right to
free of my interuption
whether or not I had seen him in Pulp Fiction or Resevouir Dogs
whether or not I had an opinion on hand guns or hollywood

did I ever tell you how I met brooke shields?
she sort of approached me.... it was a little more natural of an exchange
believe it or not she was out mountain biking

so yesterday after work I am rolling through the intersection at 21st and K

just as I look to see if the area is full of approaching cars
I also always check for pedestrian traffic
while turning from 21st onto K I noticed a familiar face entering the street
it was Kid of Kid and Play
so I continued my turn
circling back
gave Kid a handshake and a hello

he was on his phone
he shook my hand
I left him to crossing the street and his phone call

how could he not remember that I met him in an airport some fifteen years ago?
certainly he remembers that I asked for his autograph for someone else
as I had no real interest in autographs
was it my beard or the lack of hair
maybe being on the bicycle made things out of context

famous people
they most certainly crave recognition at their humble beginnings
but then
I am sure it is a curse and a burden

except of course when they get approached by someone like me

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