az in action...

az in action
if you think this cat can ride
you should see him eat!

stopped and busted in on az's lunch break
we talked about the casting call for the national treasure sequel
he had already heard about it
apparently the photos need to be in by monday

these are more than likely not the action shots that the casting agent will be looking for

in our chat I asked AZ about the alleycat series that he is hosting
a seven race series where the winner goes to dublin for the messenger worlds
pretty sweet
there are a mess of racers pushing for that prize

race results and info here
need to get to work
will find here later


gwadzilla said...

and remember

I am not a messenger
I do not play one on tv


radially laced spokes do not hold spoke cards

gwadzilla said...

I wonder who actually got it together and got some images over to the casting agent?

I had some images that I printed out for marsha
never linked up with chito to get him what I printed out
meredith told me she was going to print up some of the stuff from my page
and az well... he has the Washingtonian article and some other resources

asked Gadget if he had heard about the casting call
he had not

it is all very interesting
as I am sure that some producer has an idea of the body to fill the slot

in their mind's eye they have am image of a person
I am not sure if they are seeking a rider with a certain talent for riding or if they are looking for someone with a certain look

guess we will all find out when the movie makes it to cable

who knows
all this talk about some filming that has yet to happen
all this talk about some film that may end up on the edit room floor