the beaten path

dc needs more earth...

dc does a pretty solid job taking care of their parks

yes, dc does a pretty solid job taking care of their parks
not just the parks... but the playing fields
but... there is much room for improvement
significant room for improvement

it is a bummer for the folks looking to play soccer or ultimate to roll up on their playing field and to find it blocked off
but... that is all part of the process
so many of these fields are a solid dirt mass at this point of the year
so many of these fields need to be tilled or turned and then seeded and then watered
with the removal of human interaction
even slight human interaction
the seeds need to take
the grass needs to set roots
then the games may begin

I think that there is grand room for improvement
not only do the playing fields need to be landscaped
so can so much of the small parks and plots of non-cement in this city

there are beaten paths created by walkers taking short cuts or joggers trying to stay off the pavement
these trails should be embraced
but... so many of these trails have grown to have a width greater than they need be
these trails should be approached proactively

an idea similar to my dreams for the rapidly erroding trails of Rock Creek Park
should be applied to the man made beaten foot paths all over the city

these foot paths should be filled in
filled in with a narrow path of path wide enough for jogging or walking one person deep in most cases
this trail made out of sandy earth that will not be furtile enough for any grass or plant growth
then, on each side after the packed earth is turned place furtile soil on each side with grass seed
just like the playing field
these sections of land would be closed for a short period for the seed to take root
as the grass is thick enough to need cutting
and resiliant enough for some foot prints
that area would be opened up again

this would have to happen all over the city
and yes
some of the paths would widen again
and yes
some of the paths would erode and become packed earth again

there could be an education of the erosion
some areas would break down more slowly
some areas may maintain for years

hopefully the thinner path would be a yellow brick road
people would know to take the area not made of grass

if areas are pretty, neat, and clean
people are more prone to keep those area pretty, neat, and clean
if it looks like a dump
people would treat these areas as such

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