blending in at the lamont collective

a bicycle powered blender

a great concept
this effort was a greater lesson in team work and unity than energy conservation
as it took four or five people to make this work properly
okay... two people could make it work
and well
it worked!

the bicycle powered blender is a great idea
an idea that works as a great conversation starter
as well as a catalyst for thinking outside of the box

this party was filled with a collection of people thinking outside of the box

the benefit was for DC's Chain Reaction and for a bicycle tour/film project involving three women (two of which live in one of the houses on lamont street)

one of the guests at the party was a guy named jimmy
jimmy is the head mechanic at Chain Reaction
apparently jimmy is also an inventor of sorts
I look forward to getting to see the things that jimmy has made
as people said that these things are something to see


gewilli said...

GeWilli would suggest that Jimmy weld the effin blender to a chair/seat of some sort...

not to mention a simple belt driven coupler to the blender would greatly increase the efficiency...

A for invention C+ for execution...

gwadzilla said...

jimmy had nothing to do with that blender

I am going to get some shots of jimmy's stuff

jimmy was just another guest at the party and the head mechanic at the neighborhood not for profit bike shop that jimmy is the head mechanic at

I have his number in my pocket
will give him a shout and shoot by with the camera to see his creations that I have heard so much about