camp hilbert did not happen to me

camp hilbert did not happen to me...

I went to bed stoked while my wife went to bed sick
not too long into the night the wife's sickness began to escalate
by two am she was worshipping the porcelean god
she drove the bus on schedule all night long
in a selfish sort of way I had hoped that she would be better by morning
before the sun rose I was certain that my wife was in no condition to contain the actions of two active young boys

the boys woke up early
the wife listened to my advice and stayed in bed
the boys had been briefed on the concept of day light savings time
somehow they managed to get up an hour earlier than usual
which was two hours earlier than I was ready for
so I gathered the boys and sold them on a viewing of over the hedge
which gave me a few more minutes to hug the pillow

once the boys were up
there were lego space ships, intense games of uno, frozen pizza for lunch not long after peanut butter and jelly for breakfast
then onto the bike in the alley
then met up with some friends and their bikes at an elementary school just a few minutes down the road
only to return home to more bike riding in the alley behind the house

I did not race
am I let down?
a little.. but it was a good day just the same

checked in with chris redlack to see how the event went
he got third in the single speed
which makes me only more envious of what I missed

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