cruised by the Lamont Collective

here in mount pleasant
over on lamont street
there are two group houses along side of each other
that combine to become The Lamont Collective

two separate group houses with a shared backyard
as well as a shared love for music, art, culture, organic gardens, and bicycles
last night there was a benefit party at both of these house for several of these ideas

I stopped by on the night prior for some films and some small talk
dropped off some print outs of some of my photo thing
one set of pictures were of one of the members of one of these houses
a dc messenger named jesse

on this night there was all sorts of art and all sorts of fun

met an assortment of interesting people
ran into a number of friends from around town

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Tim said...

You look happy, beards are less scary than they normally are, wait, no, beards are more scary. That's it, beards scare me. Kind of like salmonella only different.