cycling culture around me

the photo thing

the whole approach them then shoot the shot is not always the best option
then... well
sometimes I wait too long to capture the shot
there was no shot here

initially there was this kid with his white shirt, his white bike, our in front of the white house
his back was to me
and well
I stalled
and well
I missed the shot
snapped these shots just the same

not sure if this is a college kid or a courier
that is not my concern
my images are of the cyclist and the cycling culture in and around the district
rookie or vet
wannabe or poser
beginner or pro
these things are not what guide my shots


dave said...

i think i know who's bike that is.

i forget where but i read about a rattle canned white frame and fender here in the district.



Meredith Joy said...

not a courier. His bag is too small. though there are some guys with small bags, they usually have a rack.

Mike said...

Mabye he is a college student and a courier...I wonder

Anonymous said...

the shot juzz happenzzzzz.....