district hardware is moving...

district hardware at dupont is moving
not closing

hopefully the change is positive
hopefully the change is to the right space
the right size and the right location
taking their old customers with them and earning new ones

the city center needs a bike shop
that said...
there are rumors about Chain Reaction
and I do not like the sound of those rumors


Freewheel said...

Moving where?

Dupont Circle needs a bike shop.

hounddogblog said...

These guys were cool. I used to go in here all of the time and they would always let me use their tools. I still have what was a super high-tech Krytonite lock back then [now hacked with a bic pen] that I purchased from their. Sad to see em go! I wonder how long they have been there?

gwadzilla said...

will get the skinny on these guys!