fishing the same spots...

fishing the same spots
catching some of the same fish

it is to be expected

there is something to the repetition
it is good to revisit certain things

today I could not resist taking some pictures of this same bike that is always locked in the same place
have put images of this bike and its markings on the page before

there are many days I pass this bike without thinking of taking a photo
but always checking to make sure that it is there
always looking at it if it is

today the lighting was not particularly good
the shadows were not neccessarily strong
there was no epic factor of situation that made me feel that I needed to photo this bike again
the short stop for a few photos is a way that I can slow for a closer examination
an examination with the camera and with my mind

as I snapped the last shot a man asked me a question...
what is wtf?
with a pause
some eye contact I stalled
then exclaimed.... what the f_ck?
with an exhaggerated opening of the arms and hand extending my question

we walked the same direction

the man then spoke of the greatness of the freedom to voice such thoughts
as we walked we talked about his country of indonesia

we talked for a few blocks
then went our separate ways
as we parted I said Salamat Malam
the said Salamat Jalan
as I knew I was going to be corrected for saying good evening in the afternoon
but Salamat Jalan closed our meeting well

Salamat Sepeda to you

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