go go gadget!

not my best set of photos
not my best little composition

I admit that the photos are poorly shot and poorly composed
and well
the layout does not make up for the poor photo work

this shot happened on friday night after my post work ride
had ridden out into northeast and back
just a little urban loop
working the lights
getting worked by traffic
over spinning the single

rushing up 16th Street I saw this form at the intersection
poised like a race horse to be released from the gate
I recognized the rider by his signature uniform
although he was on a different bike than I had seen him on before
it was gadget
a dc messenger who rides as wild as he dresses

had the camera in my pocket
rolled up fast and spit out some words
gadget agreed to the mid-intersection photo shoot

I pulled my point and shoot from my jacket pocket
hit the power button
as the lense extended I looked at the variables around me
the pedestrian crosswalk gave me an indication how long I had before the light turned green
the red number blinked nine

with the lense extended I got gadget in the frame
snapped one shot
then another
five four
backed up for one more
three.... two.... one
and I was at the side of the road and gadget was already muscling himself forward

like a running back trying to outrun the defensiveline gadget sprinted away down U Street

all this with my lesser camera
getting me a lesser set of images
nice seconds would not have been enough time to pull my main camera from the bag

sometimes the photos are about telling a story
although I do not know gadget's story
I am certain that there is a story there

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