a good night...

last night I got home exhausted from a day in the salt mines
did not ride as I did not feel it in me
also was fearing breaking my chain
finally diagnosed the issue on the karate monkey
it is a single speed... helen keller could diagnose the issue

so I rode straight home thinking I could make up for not riding around town by getting on the trainer
got home burnt out
did not have the energy to walk the dog
thewind was howling and it was frigid outside and I was tired
my younger son was stoked to go hike the dog in the woods of rock creek park
so stoked he let me zip up his jacket
by the time the boys were in bed I was sipping a glass of wine instead of sitting on the trainer
many glasses of wine
no miles on the trainer

today I had ridden my old rocky mountain blizzard with 26 inch wheels
a bike way too small for me
but a bike good for snowy situations
not much snow today
but still a diminutive bike
so I rode straight home again today
this time I hiked sans kids
I proposed it
they denied me
so I hiked with the dog

brought a cheap costco two way radio
managed to keep radio contact with five year old dean for the duration of the hike
could not tell what he was saying
could not tell if he could tell what I was saying
but there was sporatic conversation
as I returned around back we had a short exchange
where I told dean to turn around
I was twenty yards behind him

the boys were out back
they were playing in the snow
I shoveled the snow as they played
we put the snow on the slide and the boys rode a neo sled down the slide
it was dangerous
grant was spotted the whole way
I refused to let dean go head first
was tempted to get the helmet
dinner was ready but no one was going inside
one more ride
one more ride
one more ride
until finally I had to kick it into grinch mode
we put the sleds aside and headed inside
I admitted that I was pleased that we had lasted that long with no one getting hurt
that this was a good time to end the madness

after dinner there were some games of uno and grant took a bath
unusual for one to take a bath without the other
but that is the way it played out
then music and dancing before bedtime

as lisa finished the final tucking in of the boys I went down to the basement with a movie and the intention of riding my bike on the trainer
stepped into some shots
put on some shoes
started up the laptop
and put in off road to athens
have seen this film three times in the theater
I had to unwrap the dvd tonight
an amazing film
the perfect film for riding the trainer
other than the fact that my volume even with speakers was not greater than the buzz of my cross knobbies on my trainer
so headphones kept me in an aggressive postion rather than hanging out sitting up

the film is riveting
at an hour I fought the urge to get off the bike
the film kept me on the bike
at an hour thirty or so I needed more water
got off and stretched
stretching seemed like it was as vital as spinning
it felt good to stretch
stretching allowed for me to focus on the final moments of an action film that has the dynamics of a dramatic film
the story line turns out to be more intense than planned
jason berry tells the story in amazing fashion
it is funny and clever
and never boring
there is action and excitement
along with a soundtrack that carries the passion to a visible level
at an hour thirty I drank my water, I stretched, and I watched the rest of the film

thanks jason berry for an amazing film

jason berry's current project 24 solo
the blog about the film project efforts
it reads like a reality show
his work days are certainly more interesting than mine

tonight I earned my glasses of wine

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