happy feet rocks!

saw that al gore movie tonight

quite a film

this film raises my respect for gore
guess I never really knew anything about him


you tell me

climate crisis dot net

gore is speaking on the hill right now
on this very issue
britnany murphy is hot right now
on this very issue


iconoclasst said...

Did you happen to notice that every time Gore traveled in that film, it was always in the back seat of a chauffered internal combustion engine-powered vehicle?

Way to practice what you preach there, Al.

IF Chicks said...

This hardly looks like Britney Murphy..let's see her without makeup.

My friend dave has actually met your fav Nikki Gudex in person at Mt Snow. He worked on her bike..asked him if she was as hot as she looked in the pictures, he blushes and quietly said "yeah"..
maybe she is coming to race at Greenbriar ?? :)

gwadzilla said...

air travel is brutal on the environment
sharing the message is also vital

if he had flown commercial it would have been less of an impact

charter for one...
well... that is absurd

one flight of a small jet creates as much waste as a family in a year

or something to that effect

gwadzilla said...


make up or no make up....

before or after....

mechanical or natural....

iconoclasst said...

Actually, I was referring to the limos or sedans or whatever type of car was carrying him around between speaking engagements, but you make a good point as well.