I am not sure if I ever really had any heros
to be honest, I consider this a bit of a failure
as everyone should grow up having heros

yes, I was drawn to certain anti-heros
but I was never truly inspired by anyone in the way that a person who has a hero is inspired
not sure why I never developed any heros

the anti-heros were strong figures who gave me hope
but they did not give me guidance
lou ferrigno in the incredible hulk or in pumping iron for that matter
then david carradine as cane in the kung fu series
these characters had the same moral backbone as the clint eastwood characters in the not really a trilogy triolgy of the man with no name

as a non-joiner who felt picked on
these characters made good heros

heros inspire us
heros guide us
it is not too late for me to start to find the inspiration of heros

if I were to start to create a top ten list of my personal heros
three names jump to the front of the list
martin luther king
bob marley
muhamud ali

the videos below are for you and for me
for me to watch
for me to share with my children
and for you to do with as you care

I was very pleased tonight
tonight I asked dean what he knew of Martin Luther King
he said he knew nothing
then I began to tell him of the famous words of Martin Luther King
I started with the I have a dream speech
and dean chimed in with me

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gewilli said...

Farley Mowat

Edward Abby

Tom Brown (the Tracker one)

those were my "heros" growing up...