I hate buses...

i hate buses
this is nothing new
i have always hated buses

buses are bullies
and well...
like anyone who has been picked on by bullies
i hate bullies
follow my logic?
buses are bullies... i hate bullies... therefore i hate buses

last night on a short direct ride home I ran into chris from Racing Union
extended my ride for a few extra blocks so we could catch up
as we rode up 14th street we rode in the bike lane
for a stretch there was a bus that I felt was in my personal space
it was not so much that this bus was in my personal space
but my relationship with buses over the years
and well...
the action of the buses in this town over the last few months

you would think that the bullies would mellow out
after their bully action went beyond the bully goal

a bus driver was fired after a fatality... story in the post
more in the post... driver did not look

firing the one driver may or may not be the resolve
pep talks and education to the remaining drivers may be a better course of action

i understand the need for efficiency
but at what cost?

when stalin was in control the trains ran on time


iconoclasst said...

I've always said, give me three taxis over one bus anytime. Besides the obvious sightline differential, at least with a taxi, I can look down and make eye-contact with the hack.

Buses are the orcas of the city streets...

[Odd: my word verification on this comment is "cabfghug"...cab, f(ixed)g(ear), hug?]

Chris said...

Now you got me wondering how many disagreements I've had with cabs compared to buses on my travels (though it's certainly true that it's easier to make eye contact - not to mention verbally assault - a cab driver...) ... Hmmmmmmm ...


At yesterday's noon Hains Point ride, I had an interesting encounter with a school bus which got pretty close to clipping me as it aggressively drove past the whole group. I had warning from my fellow-travelers, the the close call wasn't anything worse then I've seen on my commutes, but it was notable nonetheless - if not for any other reason because of the irony in that the bus was carrying a bunch of school kids who were later cheering on the cyclists as they roared by the tip of the point on subsequent laps.