lamont collective

the lamont collective...

here in mount pleasant there are a set of group houses that call themselves the lamont collective
not sure what exactly the lamont collective does
but I think that their actions are bicycle based

the other day I ran into a woman and she spoke of a documentary film preview party at this house on lamont street that is one of the houses that makes up the lamont collective
then the next day a messenger downtown made mention of something similar
I put two and two together
then realizing that this messenger was one of the occupants of one of these houses that makes up the lamont collective

jesse had mentioned the party with the intention of sending me a digital flyer to the event
the email never came
so last night I walked past these houses on lamont street as I went up with the dog to grab some hooch from the package store

sure enough
last night/friday night there was a viewing of two bicycle films
a trailer for a documentary being worked on by some people here in mount pleasant
then another film
the gathering was small
but the quality of people was high

on my walk up to the main strip I went up to the porch to see what was scheduled for the evening
the show times were after my son's bedtimes
but I decided to return later that night just the same

apparently AZ was hosting an alley cat race
just one of the stages in a series
where the winner gets the prize
that prize being a trip to represent dc in a dublin alleycat race

there was a woman who I had taken pictures of just a few weeks prior
this woman is joining two other women for a cross country bicycle trek
as well as there being a number of people from Chain Reaction

missed the trailer for the documentary on Annie Londonderry
but the trailer is online

need to focus on the kids
they are fighting as they are now nearly done the cheerios that I gave them after the scrambled eggs were nearly rejected
younger grant refused to eat the sausage in the eggs
while older dean only wanted the sausage

the morning is almost over
the kids are still in their pajamas
the dog has not been walked
the wife is not back from yoga
not sure what we have planned for the day

let the day begin
time to log off and grab some clothes for the kids

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