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another article from today's washington post

tony harris....
he writes for the post
he says he rides a bike
he drives his car like a car driver not like a cyclist

this journalistic effort to be clever and cute is a dangerous thing

as the clever and cute dialogue can be broken down by the intelligent reader
but the average reader... the average bike hating reader will just read what they want to read
they will see an experience that they feel as if they identify with
the experience where that lycra clad cyclist is in their way
stopping them from testing their car's ability to corner at high speed
even if the speed limit is twenty five miles per hour

maybe tony harris passed crossing the yellow line
so many cars do pass too fast and too close
as if trying to teach a lesson
mistaking sharing the road for sharing the lane
coming closer to human flesh and bicycle than they would drive along side another car

my deal
I have learned
I am a cyclist
whether in a hot air ballon or cruising around the shopping mall with my heelies on
no matter what I am doing I am a cyclist
it does not matter how fast my car can go
how safe my car is in the case of an accident
I am still a cyclist
even if I am late for the movies
or trying to get my kids to school
I am a cyclist

it cyclists can not give cyclists some respect.... well... who then?

a GWADZILLA ARCHIVE where a radio personality made a similar statement on his radio show
every time I see Marvin's name my blood boils.... I can not wait till I see him in the supermarket moving in front of me.... I will show him who is in whose way! WHAMMM! shopping cart to the calf! okay... but I will say something

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