on man... one leg... one set of pictures

yesterday at lunch I stepped out for a bit with the camera
walked on over to International Square and grabbed a couple of burgers from Five Guys
no fries... no soda... just two junior burgers
well... a junior cheese burger and a junior bacon cheeseburger

ate while I walked
the camera hung around my neck as I scanned the area for cyclists
various cyclists passed
no real photo opportunities presented themselves

the weather was fantastic so I just enjoyed the walk with no great concern for capturing or not capturing any images
marched up Conn Ave. towards Dupont
considered continueing up Conn. towards the WABA offices to pay for and grab the things I bought at the Silent Auction... but wanted to get back to the office
so I turned it around at the fountain

while rounding the fountain I spotted a few cyclists on the benches that creates the outer perimeter of the park
one road cyclist caught my eye
even from the distance I could see that he lacked a complete right leg
a stub was in place where a full leg should be
so I walked straight towards this man
he saw me focused on him with my camera around my neck

there was a welcoming greeting with a smile
a short exchange with a hand shake
and immediate agreement for a photo
in seconds this man was on his bike headed away then turning a tight radius turn back towards me so I could snap the shot
his balance and control was excellent
his slow speed tight radius turn would have sent me toppling over

the photos were taken
names were exchanged
discussion of my web site... then the writing down of his personal information

it was a short several minute exchange
most of my exchanges tend to be short
as I am just trying to pass through

I left...
still with the camera
but not capturing any more shots
just thinking of this man as I returned to work

that day after work I did not feel much like a ride
but the day was so nice I decided to ride with the camera dangling from my neck
I rode for just under an hour.... and did not snap one set of pictures

I returned home and jumped off the bike and leaped into my role as father

once the boys were in bed asleep I poured a glass of wine and went to the laptop to play with the images of the day

I played with the images of this one man with his one leg
once the images were done I investigated his web page
nothing short of inspirational
his journey and his efforts
his understanding and his compassion
his ease and acceptance

ibrahim wafula

it was a pleasure to meet ibrahim
just as he feels it is his quest to share his understanding
I feel it is my purpose to share him with you

in addition to the image here
I posted about Ibrahim earlier

wish we had time to talk
abraham is from kenya (and yes... I know it is Ibrahim)


MRussell said...


thank you for posting about Ibrahim.

Priscilla@mtnbikeriders.com said...

That's pretty amazing. There's a movie called "Emmanuels Gift" of another from West Africa who rides on one leg. Very inspiring....

Jill said...

What a cool guy. Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

It puts my 4 miles with only 1 pedal on Saturday in perspective.
Very cool.

gwadzilla said...

google Brett Wolfe

birdseye said...

At first I thought you had photoed Dexter Benjamin, NYC messenger.


film about him:

gwadzilla said...

an inspirational story

makes me think of Brett Wolfe on his mountain bike....

and that one legged messenger in NYC (I blogged about him and that film some time ago)


there our the Wounded Warriors and the Soldier's Ride

each story as inspirational as the next

I am glad I met Ibrahim and glad I am able to spread the word of his story!