one shot from today.... the others from last week

the set of shots on the right are taken after work one night last week
I was spinning the karate monkey single back from capitol hill
the gearing is for dirt
so the speed is low
not entirely slow, but low

there was a merge onto mass ave where this gentleman pulled up behind me
so I took some shots on the move
nothing much captured on the move with the point and shoot

snapped another shot this afternoon at lunch

skandar is his name
he is from a country in north africa
I think he would be excited to represent washington dc in the messenger worlds
he finished second behind chris schmitt in the first stage
it is a seven stage series
attendence counts
finishing when attending counts

it is still early
it would be have been a great event to follow with a motion camera
isn't that just like a documentary film maker
never there when you need them

destination dublin

day light saving time
my kids do not get it
they are still up
well... the older one is asleep
he fell asleep reading to himself on the floor
I just carried him up to bed
the younger one is fighting it
I am wrecked

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