pace car

The Washington Area Bicycle Association has a new campaign

this is a notion that I think is a no brainer

get people to behave in their own neighborhoods as if they were driving through a neighborhood

this would have a grand ripple effect

the driver driving in their own neighborhood at the speed limit would act as a pace car
so that any car following behind them would also be forced to go the speed limit
thus creating a slower pace of vehciles passing in, around, and through the neighborhood

then hopefully another ripple would be that drivers grow to not only see their own neighborhood as a neighborhood
but the neighborhoods that they view as commuter routes or cross town shortcuts as neighborhoods
that is the kicker
then they would become a pace vehicle for other neighborhoods

the key is to make people concious of their behavior

get people to watch their speed
get people to watch the world around them

two things....
I thought that waba should make air fresheners for this campaign
they thought it was a clever idea.... I found resources that will even die cut your shape for you
but the cost was high

I think that the key is to bring the speed down to a rational level
years ago I tried to go 25MPH where the law stated such
it evoked road rage
the slow speed completely backfired
it is not the speed that is the issue
it is the ballistic motion of the mindless driver
stuck in auto pilot with the pedal held down
only not getting anywhere any faster

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