it is very easy to lose perspective
it is just as easy to put things in perspective

a person can get so upset that their basement floods when there is a big rain
while there are people without houses
and most certainly people without the luxury of a basement

a person may complain about a tough day at the office or having to work long hours
while there are so many people without work
and so many more people with jobs that hardly pay

the list can go on and on...

a car can be broken into or a car can break down
while there are so many people who could never afford a car
or even the cost to have a car repaired

we can get hung up on the wrong things

when my older son was in his first months of life as a newborn he cried
I think that he cried for three months straight
strangers would ask if he had colic
the wife and I just delt with it
as we had never had a baby before and we just figured that his is what babies did
then... we would go into a restaurant or a store and there would be a family with child with downs syndrome or another for of mental retardation
all I could say to myself
so... my son cries

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