the river

tonight while getting the boys dressed for bed I put on the radio
put on that new global 94.7
I have to admit
I like their programing and I like their green schtick

once the boys were dressed they were dancing
well, dancing certainly slowed the getting dressed process
once dressed they danced and I reclined in a child sized bed
some forgotten song ended and then bruce springsteen's the river came on
the boys continued to dance
I listened to words and the emotion
recalling the lyrics from when the record came out when I was in seventh or eigth grade

music was big in my preteen mind
much of my influence came from my high school age sister
it was my sister who introduced me to joe jackson, the b-52s, the clash, and even bruce springsteen and so much more
bruce filled a folk feel that I have always appreciated
jim croce, cat stevens, billy joel, harry chapin
all story tellers
in the same way that johnny cash is a story teller

i left bruce with the river in seventh grade not carrying an interest for his music new or old much past junior high
but hearing that song tonight made me appreciate bruce springsteen's ability to tell an american story and carry a very powerful emotion in song

the next song was a late creation in the life of nirvana
the boys changed their dancing style
as the new song carried a different emotion

the globe has some meet the who contest
in high school the who was strong in my collection and my rotation
although I was a far greater fan of their old stuff than the stuff that they were putting out at the time
tommy is a far better musical to listen to that to watch


iconoclasst said...

Ha, hitting the 'ho concert this evening. Damn $$ey, but wot the 'ell, ay mate?

Quadrophenia over Tommy; but I'm a nihilist, ha.

gwadzilla said...

quadrophenia is a superior album
a superior story

without a doubt

and with STING as the ACEFACE!