a bike from redline at city bikes
this is sick

a single speed 29er for under 500 bucks
this is sick


gewilli said...

one of the commuters here grabbed one... although IIRC it might be a disc brake one... a 29 single tho... he smacked some roadie drops on there and reports loving the thang...

gwadzilla said...

very cool...

you get what you pay for
and well

that is not a great deal of money


Surly Rider said...

I hear the sliders for the rear wheel need a bunch of work.

gwadzilla said...

wonder how it rides....

if I were a college kid with no cash...

that is what I would be riding

even it had a hope in the rear wheel

wagon wheels was how I used to roll

as I just did not know any better

Graham said...

Yup...this is what I roll...

and with no mods either.

Actually, considering adding a carbon fork...pretty heavy front end.

The bike is a tank though...good for us clydesdales. :-)

gwadzilla said...

very cool!

the rigid fork can be tough on the body

my Surly Karate Monkey kicks my ass!
my body was wrecked this morning after yesterday's an hour 15 on the single
or was my body killing me from my two boys jumping on my head?


glad that bike is working out for you

I am getting the Jamis Exile
putting a REBA fork on it
and going to see if my Exile fork will fit on the Monkey