lines have been crossed
the lines have been blurred

not sure when it all happened
some of it started when the frat boy discovered the chilli peppers
the rest of it avalanched from there

the same sorts of people that would have said... what the f_ck is on your face? are now the same people who are wearing the facial hair that was once considered counter culture

everything has gone mainstream
facial hair... long hair... tattoos
the faux hawk is weak...
although no one deserves to get beat up for their haircut
people with faux hawks need to get beat up for their haircuts

it is fine
it is all fine
it is not that I am possessive of such things
but there do need to be some simple rules
how about this...
just one rule
if your are a red state type... please leave these things alone
there are now more goatees on the golf course than in the mosh pit
but... that does not mean that I have to like it

what maynard is wearing is a goatee
add a mustache... and that is a van dyke

guess if you can get doc martins and a studded belt at the mall
then you can get your facial hair trimmed at the hair cuttery

just getting sick of seeing all the red necks and grown up frat boys with that shit on their face
parted hair and button down shirts do not mesh well with any facial hair other than a freddy mercury mustache

goatee on the wiki page

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